Do you HATE the EhGuls? The DeadSkins? The CowGirls?!!!      Big Blue Nation Stand Up!!

Dude, our team hasn't won a game this year, and outside of a miracle, our push for the playoffs is all but dead. Does it  absolutely suck? Yes. Are your frenemies making fun of you? Are you hiding your Big Blue gear in the closet because you don't want harassed in street or made fun of by strangers?

Two Diehard Giants fans wearing our Chef Hats ready to rock and roll!

Two Diehard Giants fans wearing our Chef Hats ready to rock and roll!

My fellow members of the Big Blue Nation, this season is a test. As a diehard fan, don't run and cower because our team is doing well(huge understatement I know). Don't be one of those friggin bandwagon jumpers who want to trash the whole team because we're losing. It hurts to lose...don't you think those players donning the Giants colors want to win? This is their job, and I would think that most Giant players care about doing their job well, otherwise, no guaranteed contracts and you will get cut. I'm a little cynical like everyone else, but I think the majority of players take their job seriously. Don't you think Coughlin is sitting in a dark room, beet face red, pulling his hair out wondering how he can get his team to overcome? Losing just doesn't happen, there are usually warning signs. You think our running game is just stagnant because we don't have the right running backs?  In 2006, we had one of the best offensive lines in the game, men who had played together several years. All of those guys are gone. You need to respect those unsung heroes who don't get the media attention. Then the steady decline began to happen. Heck, Pittsburgh is a legendary franchise but hasn't won a game this year, and we know their offensive line has had issues for years...its gonna catch  up to you eventually, and you lose your Pro Bowl center? It's a wrap. Also see the Falcons with their line issues. The GMen have some serious work to do in the offseason, but it may be too late for this season. No Giants in the NY/NJ Superbowl at Met Life Stadium this go around...

 Yeah, this losing streak may ultimately lead to the end of the road for some top Giant players and coaches, because change is inevitable. Coughlin didn't become a bad coach overnite. JPP just came off back surgery...I said back surgery. Do you really expect him to be his usual dominating self after no training camp and a short recovery? Tuck hasn't dominated in 3 years, and it took Tony Robbins the motivational speaker to get him amped up to play this year...great guy, but not close to the leader Strahan was, the fire may gone and his contract is up. Eli will be Eli...a guy who thinks he can make every throw and has a little Farve gambler in his DNA. Eli will always throw interceptions, because its the nature of his game. Everybody has injuries, but when your starting center is out, you are in a world of hurt. Stevie Brown who played pretty good last year and even Aaron Ross in his second stint, gone. The Giants have been able to dig in the well many a time and overcome adversity, just as normal people do in their everyday lives. But life is you deal with defeat determines your next victory.  The New York Football Giants are not good so far this year. Embrace it. Don't hide the pain. Wear you Giants colors with pride, regardless of the score, the record, the talking heads, the media frenzy. Ride or Die!

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